AeroMobil Debuts the World’s First Flying Car Commercial as Part of the Lead Up to the Commercial Introduction of its Flying Car

AeroMobil Debuts the World’s First Flying Car Commercial as Part of the Lead Up to the Commercial Introduction of its Flying Car

The AeroMobil Company, developer of the new ultra-high-end vehicle equally at home on the road or in the sky, today announced that it had launched a promotional campaign in support of its planned 2023 commercial introduction of The AeroMobil AM 4. The theme of the campaign, “Be. The. Experience.” reflects the unique feeling of exhilaration that a flying car can bring to drivers and passengers alike, such as during take-off when flooring the accelerator and climbing over 1200 feet per minute, then flying at 160 miles an hour above both traffic and stunning scenery below.

The centerpiece of the campaign is a one-minute commercial introducing The AeroMobil, told from the perspective of the vehicle itself.  Created by the award-winning global production company Stink Films, the video relates the story of the AeroMobil’s journey from dream to reality, the amazing experiences it enables both on the road and in the sky, and the new possibilities awaiting those who acquire one.   

"Stink is proud to help launch The AeroMobil, a vehicle that makes the dream of many generations – a flying car –a reality,” said Stink Founder and President Daniel Bergmann.   “It is incredibly important and challenging to create the right type of communication to help to build excitement and demonstrate this incredible invention. Our work will help bring the right attention around this revolutionary product! I am a huge fan and will be one of the first to try one out. Thank you AreoMobil for giving us the opportunity to be part of history!"

The video will be distributed primarily through social media channels as well as AeroMobil’s significant following in traditional media channels.  Subsequent elements of the campaign will include additional videos and content covering a wide range of Be. The. Experience. topics including the design and development of the AeroMobil, adventure travel, the evolution of supercars and the future of personal and shared mobility in general.

“I’m sure AeroMobil will be responsible for many firsts. Today we are releasing the world’s first flying car commercial to engage customers, investors and the general public in sharing our passion and vision for the future of personal mobility," said Patrick Hessel, Chairman and CEO of AeroMobil. "The AeroMobil persona expressed in the commercial and the Be The Experience theme perfectly captures the spirit of a vehicle that does what no supercar or private jet can. It is a new form of being that provides a travel experience unlike any other."

About AeroMobil

The AeroMobil is the new ultra-high-end vehicle equally at home on the road or in the sky.  A true flying car, it is the culmination of leading-edge automotive and aerospace design and engineering, advanced materials, luxury features, and impeccable styling that does what no supercar or private jet can do.  It can seamlessly transform from car to aircraft - from driving to flying - in under three minutes. This exceptional vehicle is the result of over ten years of research and development by an outstanding team of engineers and designers. Its pedigree includes luxury and supercar makers BMW, Aston Martin, McLaren, Mercedes Benz F-1 and Ferrari F-1, and aerospace leaders Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce, Airbus, and Diamond Aircraft, among others.  Scheduled to be commercially available in 2023, The AeroMobil represents a unique opportunity to own a first of its kind, ultra-high-end vehicle.  AeroMobil also represents an opportunity to invest in the company that will be the first to market with a flying car and well-positioned for sustained growth as a door-to-door Regional Air Mobility service operator for trips of 500 miles or less using a four-seat version of The AeroMobil coming to market in 2025.  For more information, please visit

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