AeroMobil hires Mikael Olsson and broadens its international team

Mikael Olsson with the experiences from leading automotive and aviation companies strengthens CAD and design team.

Thursday, April 7, 2016 — Talented design engineer, Mikael Olsson, has joined the AeroMobil team to assist in prototype development across both the 3D and 2D spectrums of component and system design. With more than 30 years of CAD experience, Mikael’s extensive portfolio brings his foundation of electrical and mechanical engineering into full swing on the team. His ability to see a vehicle’s development through from start to finish from the ergonomics to the displays and controls makes his pairing a vital complement to the team. His latest engagements before joining AeroMobil were with BMW Z4 and work on BMW M6-GT3 vehicle package.

Beginning not far from his original education and home in Sweden, Mikael saw his career spread from Europe to America working with groups like Eurocopter, Volvo, and BMW. In 2000 he became lead design engineer at VMCC in California, which would set him on a trajectory for further senior level positions.  At VMCC in California, he became heavily involved of the development of electric car initiatives. From there he transitioned to BMW production in Oxford as a resident engineer working on the Mini development from 2004 to 2007.

Mikael become heavily involved with 3D design applications for several groups from 2007 on working in Oslo and most recently Munich as a senior level design engineer. He comes directly from his work on BMW Motorsport where he oversaw extensive component design, vehicle safety systems including all areas of vehicle packaging. These senior level design experiences and the wealth of knowledge pertaining to vehicle layout strategically align Mikael’s expertise with AeroMobil to push the team’s capabilities even further.