AeroMobil partners with leading global accelerator Starburst

AeroMobil, the leading flying car designer, announced a partnership with Starburst.Aero the largest aerospace accelerator in the world.

In line with its strategy to become a major player in personal aerial vehicles for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) AeroMobil has signed an agreement with Starburst.Aero, a world-leading accelerator for aerospace start-ups backed by multiple aerospace companies. Starburst.Aero initially worked with AeroMobil at the 2017 Paris Air Show, inviting it to its exclusive exhibition the Paris Air Lab, which profiled innovations in aeronautics, aerospace and digital technology.  Now AeroMobil will collaborate with Starburst.Aero to seek investment and partnership opportunities to address the growing opportunities for on-demand personal transport business models. 

“Having seen the buzz around AeroMobil at this year’s Paris Air Show it is clear customers, partners and investors are all very excited about the potential of its flying car,” said Francois Choppard, CEO, Starburst.Aero.  “At the Accelerator, we envisage a radically different view of personal transport in the future and AeroMobil is exactly the type of company we want to work with.  They have a strong vision, the technology expertise and senior leadership, which is critical if such a ground-breaking innovation is going to attract the right partners and investors.”

Having introduced the latest model of the AeroMobil flying car the company is now prepared to test the vehicle further in the forthcoming months. The newest model will provide a platform to learn and generate data to enhance the vehicle’s capabilities also in Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). This reflects the growing consensus across the aerospace and automotive industries, which recognises that mobility is being turned into a service to improve traffic flow, safety, and environmental performance. ABI Research forecasts global MaaS revenues will exceed $1 trillion by 2030[1] and its disruptive impact on traditional transportation modes will be driving significant investment from major players across the entire transportation industry.

“We are delighted to be working with Starburst.Aero, as its expertise in aerospace innovation, will help us to explain our Mobility as a Service proposition to the aviation industry,” said Juraj Vaculik, CEO, AeroMobil. “We are at one of those truly exciting moments when technology is blurring the lines between what is a car and what is a plane. We know that both aerospace and automotive companies are seeking to establish a foothold in this sector and we are confident that working with Starburst we can demonstrate how we can help these industries articulate a credible vision of Mobility-as-a-Service.”

About Starburst.Aero

Starburst is an international accelerator which provides access to seed funding from the top business angels and venture capital firms dedicated to aerospace, defense, and security as well as access to the largest aerospace group stakeholders to get start-ups their first 1m$ contract. Starburst provides support on growth strategy: market sizing, business cases and new product go-to-market coupled with innovation performance based on the “innovation engine” model relying on all aspects of the organization.


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