Flying car company AeroMobil adds another new experienced engineer to its team

Alan Roach assumes the position of Chief Engineer Interior Systems, Safety and Vehicle Packaging.

The addition of Alan to the team is another vital contribution to the growing number of industry experts adding to AeroMobil’s field of knowledge and capability. With Alan’s knowledge of automotive engineering and product design & development, his addition to the team in March will undoubtedly bring a creatively oriented viewpoint that has 22 years of experience to back it up.

CEO Juraj Vaculik expressed his anticipation about Alan’s addition by saying, “Our team grows very rapidly this year and this growth demonstrates how AeroMobil as a company continues to mature towards a world class vehicle business. I believe Alan’s contribution to overall vehicle packaging and interior systems will be crucial to achieving this goal.”

Graduating from Leeds University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Alan quickly gained momentum as an engineer for Land Rover from 1993 – 2000 and then for McLaren from 2000 – 2007. It was here that he developed a keen eye for conceptual design implementation and comprehensive project management. Alan’s following jobs at Think Global AS and Aker Solutions AS, furthered his insight into the world of global product design and CAD software development. The knowledge of complex equipment systems and interfaces relating to the technological sector makes Alan’s contribution invaluable with the challenge and complexity of pairing car with airplane.

AeroMobil’s expanded team is now improving the design and working on a new prototype, which will be subjected to a prescribed test. The smooth running of these processes, the ensured high degree of innovation, and newly recruited experts from the automotive and aerospace industry, will ensure that the next stage of the project moves to a higher level. The team this year rose to almost 40 people, seeing specific strengthening in the technical department. 

About AeroMobil

AeroMobil is a leader in mobility in three dimensions with a vision to liberate personal mobility from the ground and into the skies. AeroMobil develops the most flexible, capable and efficient range of personal aerial vehicles (PAVs) designed for door to door travel in intra and inter-urban environments, reducing congestion and emissions while increasing proximity and convenience for citizens, cities and society. 

AeroMobil is pioneering the development and commercialisation of flying cars, developing cutting edge technology to produce a range of vehicles for short take-off and landing (STOL) and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). This includes electric propulsion systems, battery technology and control systems for piloted and autonomous flight for transportation on the ground and in the air to support short and longe range personal air travel with eVTOLs. 

AeroMobil adopts an iterative approach to the development of personal air transportation in line with technology readiness, legislation and market acceptance. We believe the future offers unbounded opportunity for air mobility at scale but requires a pragmatic and considered approach to ensure technology and solutions implemented are safe, reliable and effective through partnership and collaboration with regulators, governments and cities to realise the benefits of all. 

The first flying car from AeroMobil provides increased flexibility and versatility for the customer as it combines the best of automotive and aerospace technology into one vehicle while respecting the limits of current technology and the regulatory environment. It is the first step in our journey towards air Mobility-as-a-service (aMaaS) which will make personal transportation vastly more efficient and environmentally friendly by allowing significantly faster door-to-door travel over short and medium distances, and in areas with limited road or public transport infrastructure.

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