Quality Assurance expert Darren McDonald joins AeroMobil

Automotive and Aerospace expert, Darren McDonald, has found a permanent home amongst the AeroMobil team. McDonald’s attention to detail in both quality assurance and continuous improvement, have been his key trademarks of success with numerous achievements in the variety of vehicular fields he has served.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 — The uniqueness of Darren’s Head of Quality role sets him apart from the recent influx of strictly technical specialists that have joined the team. McDonald’s knowledge pairs technical excellence with exceptional business strategies resulting in high margins of success in his 30 long year career. As AeroMobil approaches the newest unveiling of their prototype, and the upcoming rollout date of their final product, Darren McDonald’s combined effectiveness in quality and programme management plus strategic positioning will be a cornerstone of AeroMobil’s continued expansion. 

Beginning in 1985, Darren McDonald’s career developed rapidly within the automotive industry with Rover Group and the renowned BMW Group. During his 15 years there, McDonald held key roles in numerous product development programmes and product launches growing into various leadership roles and delivering notable quality assurance achievements. From 2001 to 2013 he served under a multitude of titles and responsibilities in the field of Quality Assurance for Rolls-Royce. In the final years of his engagement, McDonald was accountable for Quality and Improvement on all UK & International Defence engine programmes. He led a team of over 25 quality professionals optimizing day-to-day tasks and workloads, being successful in exceeding expectations on numerous quality objectives throughout the sectors of parts quality, operations, and programme management.

McDonald’s time with Rolls Royce would also lead him in 2009 to a unique opportunity as Programme Manager for a multi-faceted project involving the relocation of an aero engine maintenance activity from customer facilities into Rolls-Royce. The close relationship with the customer and success of the project was impactful enough to bring personal commendations from the highest level within the customer organisation. Subsequently McDonald would work directly for the same customer, his most recent role being the set up an ISO9001 compliant Business Management System across several aircraft programmes within the UK.