The AeroMobil Flying Car in the US for the first time!

The AeroMobil Flying Car in the US for the first time!

Showcased at TheArsenale during Miami’s Art Basel

The AeroMobil Company (, developer of the new luxury vehicle equally at home on the road or in the sky, announced the presentation of the world’s first flying art car in Miami during Art Basel Miami at TheArsenale ( in Miami’s Design District.

Next to the intense test-flight program, expansion of the world-class team and ongoing R&D innovation and industrialization program, AeroMobil continues to present the vehicle internationally. After successful presentations in Europe (Monaco, Paris, London, Brussels and Vienna) and Asia (Shanghai), AeroMobil finally arrived in the US. Starting with the private unveil event during Art Basel Miami, followed by the public presentation in TheArsenale Miami from December 2nd, AeroMobil will present a special art edition of its flying car in a unique design until late December.

Patrick Hessel, CEO of AeroMobil, stated:
“Never before in history have the lines between art, automotive, and aeronautics been so aesthetically blurred. Part visual art, part performance art, the AeroMobil flying art car is the celebration of a movement that transcends time, space, and ordinary descriptors. I am proud the AeroMobil finally arrived in the US during Art Basel Miami.”

Patrice Meignan, Founder of TheArsenale said:
“All my life I have been obsessed about air mobility and art. This first art flying car is a complete masterpiece celebrating my main passions. I am extremely glad to welcome here at TheArsenale during Art Basel one of the most impressive flying car on the market and wish them good luck on the air and on the ground.” 

If you are planning to visit The Arsenale to enjoy the masterpiece, we recommend registering online at 


About AeroMobil

AeroMobil is developing a new species of transportation, the world’s first commercially available flying cars. AeroMobil’s vehicles are the culmination of leading-edge automotive and aerospace design and engineering, advanced materials, luxury features, and sophisticated styling. AeroMobil’s vehicles are supercars that fly, light aircraft you can drive, transforming between modes in less than three minutes. These exceptional vehicles are the result of over ten years of research and development by an outstanding team of engineers and designers. Their pedigree includes luxury and supercar makers BMW, Aston Martin, McLaren, Mercedes Benz and Ferrari, and aerospace leaders Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce, Airbus, and Diamond Aircraft, among others.

AeroMobil now has two vehicle models and business models: AM4.0 a 2 seater luxury personal vehicle. AM NEXT a 4-seater door-to-door ride-hailing service.

AeroMobil represents an opportunity to invest in a unique and high-margin segment of the Advanced Air Mobility market.

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